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Pressure washing in Tooele, UT, does not have to be dangerous or challenging. Nearly every month, our licensed technicians at Monster Washers Pressure Washing see business owners and residents rent power washers to clean their roofs and walls. Many end up with damaged siding and clay tiles that require hundreds of dollars to fix.

Monster Washers Pressure Washing is the number-one company providing safe and cost-efficient power washing in Tooele and surrounding areas. Whether you want to remove dirt and grime from your home exteriors or grease and chemical stains from your commercial parking area, we are the business to call.

Our Services

Residential Services

Residential pressure washing can be complex for beginners. Home surfaces are more fragile than ones you can find in commercial structures. Vinyl sidings are more prone to cracks than brickwork but are more likely to acquire stains from pollution and adverse weather events.

Our pressure washers have variable pressure and temperature settings that allow our technicians to clean driveways and pool areas with the same efficiency. Contact us for the following services:

Commercial Services

Market researchers agree that cleaning with pressurized water and investing in landscaping projects pays off handsomely for most property managers. Well-groomed businesses attract more customers, keep employees safe, and generate more revenue.

Get quality commercial pressure washing in Tooele, UT, by requesting a free quote from Monster Washers Pressure Washing. We offer:

Why Choose Monster Washers?

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Customer Service

As an independent pressure-washing company, we rely on customer testimonials to establish our brand. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to residential and commercial clients. Our service reps are courteous, friendly, and ready to treat you like family.

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We offer easy-to-understand estimates with zero hidden charges. Our technicians can explain every line item to you and why we would need it for the job.

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When you call us for a cleaning, we will arrive on time and follow agreed-upon project schedules. We are proud to have a perfect service record, earning us a Best of SLC award.

About Tooele, UT

Tooele is among our most scenic service areas in Utah. It is famous for its views of the Great Salt Lake and Oquirrh Mountains, which numerous publishers feature in their travel magazines and calendars. It was once home to the International Smelting and Refining Company, which brought rapid industrialization and commerce into the mid-60s.

The city earns its namesake from the Tooele Army Depot, a modification and maintenance site for the Deseret Chemical Depot and other military bases. Settlement Canyon, the Tooele Valley Museum and Historical Park, and the Oquirrh Hills Golf Course are all popular attractions in the city.

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Experts from Monster Washers Pressure Washing have years of experience working on various residential and commercial exterior cleaning projects. Call us today at (801) 618-8615 for a free quote for pressure washing in Tooele, UT.

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