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Hello all! My name is Kobe Martinez, owner and operator at Monster Washers. I created this business based around one clear objective, professionalism. Now the craft and knowledge required to complete a pressure washing project safely with the end goal of a happy customer is extensive and goes far beyond having insurance and a business license.

There’s plenty of information and photos on this site explaining our process and our phenomenal work, but what really sets us far apart is our strive to achieve exceptional customer service. In fact, I’ve always said we’re a customer service business that so happens to do pressure washing.

It’s very hard pressed to find a service business in the world today that will show up on time, perform a free onsite estimate, is clear on expectations and communicates back to the customer on progress. Which really is upsetting because this is the bare minimum on what a service business should provide.

We are genuinely excited and happy to work with our customers, and unlike many other businesses we don’t see our people as dollar signs. Every client is different, but what is always the same is our customers are satisfied with our work after we leave their property.

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