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Quality Pressure Washing Services in North Salt Lake, UT

At Monster Washers, we offer the highest-quality pressure washing service in North Salt Lake, UT. We love our job and take pride in being a customer-centric business. Our team knows the best techniques, processes, and cleaning solutions to clean the exterior of your home or business to the max.

Our Services

We offer turnkey pressure washing experience, specializing in all aspects of pressure washing and exterior cleaning services.

Residential Services

Call us if you need the following residential services:  

Commercial Services

Trust our cleaning team to give your commercial space a good first impression. Reach out for:

Why Choose Monster Washers Pressure Washing?

When you work with our Monster Washers team, expect:  

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Customer Service

Our customers come first, and we dedicate ourselves to making them happy.

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We show up on time, communicate effectively, and deliver on our promises.  

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We stay committed to excellence in everything we do.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in North Salt Lake, UT

Besides making your property’s exterior stand out, regular pressure or power washing:

Increase Home Value

A clean exterior improves your property’s curb appeal and potentially increases its value.

Protect It From Damage

Pressure washing prevents premature damage that may occur when debris and contaminants accumulate on your exterior surfaces. 

Saves Time and Money

By preventing exterior surfaces from deteriorating prematurely, pressure washing saves you plenty of time and money.  

Create a Healthier Environment

Pressure washing prevents the growth of mold and other health hazards, creating a healthier environment.  

About North Salt Lake, UT

Incorporated on September 3, 1946, North Salt Lake is a city beginning at the boundary line of Davis and Salt Lake Counties, Utah. The city stretches west toward The Great Salt Lake and east up the mountainside.   

North Salt Lake boasts a population of 21,907 as of the 2020 Census and got its name from a small post office at the railroad tracks. In 1949, the city held its first election, selecting Ray Hatch as mayor.  

Today, North Salt Lake is home to an impressive selection of beautiful attractions and memorable experiences that make it an ideal place to visit or call home.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in North Salt Lake, UT ?

Your location affects how much you’ll pay for pressure washing services. For example, you can expect to pay anywhere from $183 to $415 for pressure washing services in North Salt Lake, UT. Additional factors affecting cost include:  

  • Square footage  
  • Project type and complexity  
  • Equipment and overhead

Get a Free Quote in North Salt Lake, UT Today

Make your home or business a beacon in the community with pressure washing services from Monster Washers. Call (801) 618-8615 to request a free quote for pressure washing service in North Salt Lake, UT.  

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