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Quality Pressure Washing Services in Lehi, UT

Whenever people want pressure washing in Lehi, UT, that can eliminate long-standing stains and grime, they contact our licensed technicians at Monster Washers. We are the number-one independent provider of high-quality residential and commercial sanitation services in Lehi and surrounding areas. We are experts at operating state-of-the-art pressure washers and deep cleaning interior and exterior surfaces through their variable pressure and temperature settings.

Our Services

Residential Services

Renting a power washer to sanitize exterior surfaces without technical experience is often a recipe for disaster. Homeowners can fall off ladders, shatter windows, and damage antique surfaces with corrosive cleaners and incorrect water pressure settings.

Our professionals have received training and numerous certifications, helping us ensure that our clients get the best results possible. We have refined our residential sanitation operations for years to ensure they are cost-efficient and high-quality.

We can offer the following services for residential clients:

Commercial Services

Commercial and industrial properties usually span thousands of square meters, requiring extensive cleaning expertise and equipment to maintain correctly. For example, a DIY cleaner might have the skills to clean a gas station, but its adjacent convenience store, fast food joint, and dumpster pads are another story.

Monster Washers employs the number-one independent crew offering commercial pressure washing in Lehi, UT. We help business owners attract new customers while keeping maintenance costs low. Contact us for the following services:

Why Choose Monster Washers?

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Customer Service

Monster Washers CEO Kobe Martinez views the business as a customer service operation with a pressure washing arm. We offer a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

If you find we missed a spot, call our hotline immediately, and we will rectify your concern.

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We offer free on-site estimates with no hidden charges, finishing every job on or under budget with a spotless service record.

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When you contact us for a cleaning, our technicians will arrive on time. We will follow agreed-upon deadlines and milestones.

We are always friendly and courteous. These qualities help helps us build long-standing relationships with many local clients.

About Lehi, UT

Like most cities in Utah County, Lehi began as a settlement by pioneers in the mid-1800s, who planned for it to be a farming community. It was first named Evansville after David Evans, a figure in the town before the 1900s. He petitioned Utah to incorporate their community in 1852, renaming it Lehi after a Mormon prophet.

Today, Lehi, UT, is indispensable to the tech and AI industries. Adobe Systems employs over 900 employees in its cloud-focused campus in the city. Micron, Intel, and Microsoft also have a significant presence in Lehi.

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